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Route down the Dniester Canyon

“Dniester Canyon Perl”

Dnister is one of the biggest rivers of Ukraine which begins in the East Carpathians, flows along the administrative border of Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions.

The most interesting, most picturesque area of Dnister is “Dnister Canyon”, 250 km segment from the mouth of Gold Linden-tree (Zolota Lypa) to the mouth of Zbruch. Here Dnister flows in a canyon valley with depth 80-200 m. The canyon nature is original and unique. Geological, botanical, archaeological, hydrological sights form unique landscapes here. In separate places there are areas with valuable arboreal or shrub breeds, age-old and exotic things trees.

Alloy on the Dnister river is one of the most interesting trips in Ukraine. Picturesque landscapes and their uniqueness give the iniquity to the route: steep rocky or forest banks of 200 m high, unique travertine rocks and geological removed layers, caves and grottoes, waterfalls, islands, monuments of nature, history, architecture, ethnography.


The Dnister slopes are covered with a lot of rare plants and are a house for hundreds of types of animals and birds. The trip route flows far from «civilization», and consequently predetermines complete rest.

The Dnister canyon is an original open-air-museum, where the best creations of living and lifeless nature are collected in virgin and harmonious combination.

Within the canyon there are more than ten karst caves and grottoes. The whimsical view of such caves from the river reach level especially impresses, and small waterfalls of so called «girlish tears», which run along copse thick bryophytes rocks, present spectacle of a unique beauty.

The Dnister region color and sincere hospitality of its inhabitants leave the indelible impressions on a tourist.



During the trip you can visit the following nature sights:

- Dniestrovo-Beremyanskiy Canyon (situated between villages Hubyn – Beremyany – Hmeleva. Its depth reaches 200 m, width – from 1 to 5 km, length – 10 km).

- Chervona Hora (Red Mount) – Even during the most severe winters the snow remains on its top no longer than for two days.

- Rusilivskyi and Sokyletskyi cascade of waterfalls.

- Chervonohorodskyi waterfall – over 16 m.

And many many other.


On Your way down the Dniester You will see castles, monasteries, churches, rocks, grottos and caves on the banks of the river.

You are also offered a water route “Dniester Canyon Perl” with its length of 100 km. that goes from Nezvis’ko Vill. (Ivano-Frankivs’k Reg.) to Horodnytsia Vill. (Ivano-Frankivs’k Reg.).

During the whole route you can go fishing, gather mushrooms, berries and some healing herbs that grow in the Dniester Valley

Three-day trip “Pearl of the Dnister Canyon”

We offer you the water route Pearl of the Dnister Canyon which lies in Horodenkivsky Rayon of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast along the Dnister river, the second largest and most ecologically clean river in Ukraine.

The trip takes a place on inflatable rafts moving down stream. It will satisfy the most whimsical desires for an active break. The route is accompanied by foot trails along the banks leading to natural, historical and cultural points of interest. The trip includes tents for sleeping out of doors at night and preparation of flame-cooked meals. Opportunities for fishing and swimming are offered. The romance of the nightly bon fire and the local color of western Ukraine will forever remain in your memory.


Itinerary for our health and recreation tour


Day 1

Petriv to Unizh

8.00 Group meets and departs from Petriv village in Tlumatsky rayon. We will have instruction on the technical and safety aspects of rafting as well as the rules of the program. We will stop at the village of Monastyrok for an excursion to the centuries-old travertine formations and the waterfall Maiden's Tears. Later, we will stop at the village of Rakovets to the see the ruins of the 17th century Rakovets Castle dedicated to the Fraternity of the Dnister.


Day 2

Ynizh to Khmeleva

We will trek up Red Mountain which is located in the picturesque Beremiansky Canyon. Even in the fiercest winters, snow stays on this mountain not longer than a day or two. It is not surprising that the locals call this subtropical Dnister. Further, we will take a trip to the Chernilytsky Castle and the “Swallow's Nest”.


Day 3

Khmeleva to Mykhalche

We will hike up to the monastic caves for hermits near the village of Letiachi. We will see the lost city on the Dzhuryn River and the Chervonogorodsky (Dzhurynsky) waterfall, which stretches 16 meters and is the flattest waterfall in Ukraine.



Bon Voyage till next time!



Groups: From 12 to 18 people (we only accept group orders).

Season: From mid April through October depending on weather.

The tour includes meals, rafts, equipment (tents, beds, etc.) and guides.


Deposit of 30% is required no later than two weeks before trip.

Meals: Three meals a day from the bounty of our region including fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. We offer a home kitchen in the wild including hot foods (soups, borsch), salads, meat and fish entrees, and side dishes.

For additional fees, we can order other transportation tickets, saunas, additional excursions and more.

What to bring: A frameless backpack or rucksack, comfortable sports clothes, rain and wind clothes (umbrella not useful), trekking footwear, sandals, water shoes, personal cutlery set (spoon, bowl, plate), personal needs and hygiene, passport.



Participants must expect to take active participation in all aspects of travel and camp life including:

  • Hauling equipment, setting up tents;
  • Rowing on the rafts;
  • Preparation of meals under the direction of guide;
  • Collection of firewood


All travelers are required to execute the orders of the guides during the entire trip and to behave courteously to local folk, to protect and preserve nature, fish only in permitted areas and to swim only with the permission of.


While on the water, it is forbidden to:

  • Drink alcohol;
  • Smoke;
  • Fish without permission;
  • Use any dangerous or sharp items such as knives, glass, etc.


Daily Schedule:


  • 7.00 Wake up! (You can sleep in at home), morning personal toilette, break camp, stow equipment, acquaintance with the day's schedule, breakfast.
  • 10.00 Begin rafting.
  • 13.00 more or less, depending on weather and excursions, lunch and relaxation.
  • 17.00 Stop for camp, set up camp, collect firewood, prepares dinner, relaxation.
  • 20.00 Dinner.
  • 23.00 Recommended entertainment.


Our experience from previous trips shows the program is highly dependent on the weather. Be ready to take up the challenge and be flexible with mother nature.

The organizers reserve the right to alter routes and programs depending on the weather or other circumstances.


Additional information:

Traveler's Club «Golden Fleece»

Contact persons:


-  Serhiy Didych

Тел. +38 03430 4 51 92, +38 067 8116147, +38 066 0071310






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